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Pet Cremation Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that handing your pet over to a pet crematorium can be a very anxious time. We would like you to feel comfortable with your decision to engage Furry Friend Farewells and we promise to take care of your beloved pet throughout the entire cremation process.

We have answered some very important questions to assist you to understand that Furry Friend Farewells is the right choice.

Should I choose cremation or burial for my pet?
Whether you choose cremation or burial for your pet, it is a personal choice. Most people choose cremation because it offers an environmental-friendly, cost effective and practical solution to farewell a beloved pet. Others choose cremation because they cannot physically bury their pet or are renting and don’t want to leave their loved one behind when they move. Disposal in any other way could also mean your pet ends up in landfill, which is a horrible thought for any pet owner.
If you do choose cremation and to have your pets ashes returned, you have the option to bury, scatter or keep the remains.

How is a pet cremation performed?
Your pet is placed inside an enclosed chamber at high temperature until the only thing that remains are ashes and bone fragments. These are commonly called cremains. The cremains are then processed into an ash consistency before placing into your preferred urn.

What if my pet passes away at home?
If your pet passes away at home please call us. Our office hours are between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday however we are available for emergencies 7 days a week. Fees apply for services required outside of office hours. 

What happens if my pet passes in the evening or on the weekend outside business hours?
Please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are available 7 days a week. *Fee applies for weekends and after hours.
If your pet passes late at night, wrap them in a towel or blanket and place them in a cool, dry place away from any insects if possible. If they are small enough and you have room available, place their body in a fridge or freezer. Feel free to give us a call at any hour. If we do not answer please leave a message, we will call you back as soon as we can when we wake in the morning. 
Your pet will be safe overnight until we are available to help the following morning.

What if my pet passes or is euthanised at the vets, can I choose where my pet is cremated?
Yes, the choice of the crematorium is one that only you and your family can make. If you decide to use Furry Friend Farewells for the aftercare of your pet you can let your vet know and we will be happy to collect them for your vet.

What if my vet uses another aftercare vendor?
You may ask that your vet clinic hold the body for Furry Friend Farewells, regardless of the aftercare vendor your vet currently uses. Most vet clinics are willing to help with your preferred after care arrangements.

Would I need a casket to get my pet cremated?

No it is not necessary to buy a casket for your pet. Instead, you can simply wrap them in their favourite blanket if you prefer.

What type of animals do you cremate?
All animals, whether you want your gold-fish, gecko, dog or goat cremated we will cremate them all but our crematorium can only fit animals up to 100kg in weight.

How long does the cremation process take?
Depending on the size of the animal it can take up to a couple of hours.

What happens to my pet after you collect them?
After we collect your pet, we complete all the necessary paperwork and they are given their own individual identification tag that will remain with your pet the entire process. When they arrive at the crematorium they are checked in and their identification tag re-checked against the paperwork. Just before your pet is cremated they are checked again, the ID tag remains on them and goes in the chamber as well, it will not melt as the cremation process doesn’t get hot enough to melt the metal. Once the process has completed the ashes along with the ID tag is removed, once again we re-check the number before placing the ashes into your preferred urn. One last check before they are placed in the car to be delivered home to you.

Will I get to say goodbye before you take my pet away?
Yes of course, we will gladly give you some time with your pet to say goodbye before we leave your home.

If you bring your pet to the crematorium you are free to use our private farewell room if you need extra time to say goodbye.

How do I know that I will receive my pet’s ashes back?
We have a very thorough identification process to ensure your pet can be identified throughout the entire process ensuring that we can guarantee you will receive your own pet’s ashes back.

How long will it be before I get my pet’s ashes back?
The time can vary depending on how many other animals we are caring for but usually within a week. If engraving is required or an outdoor memorial is ordered this may extend the time whilst we arrange for the urn or outdoor memorial to be engraved by an external company.

Can I be present when my pet is cremated?
Unfortunately we do not recommend seeing your pet at this time. It can be quite overwhelming and traumatic for some people. We feel it is best you remember your pet when they were alive and happy and not at the crematorium. If prior arrangements are made, you are welcome to bring your pet to us and say goodbye but we do not recommend seeing them being cremated.

Can I supply my own urn?
Yes, of course, you are welcome to supply your own urn.

Do you offer pet funerals?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not offer pet funerals.

Do you offer euthanasia?
No, euthanasia must be arranged through your vet, We can arrange to meet you at your vet clinic at the time of euthanasia for immediate collection. Pre-arrangement and appointment must be made for this service.

What if I don’t want to receive my pet’s ashes back?
If you do not want your pet’s ashes returned we offer a cremation services where your pet will be cremated and we will scatter their ashes in a dignified manner.

How much does it cost?
Depending on the type of service, your choice of urn and the weight of your animal. Our prices start from $190 for individual cremations. Please check out our prices on our Prices page. Extra fees apply for services required outside of office hours.

When will payment be expected?
Payment is expected at the time of collection. We offer various payment options to suit your needs. Check out our Payment Options page.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes we do. If you would like to pre-prepare for your older pet, we offer pre-payment plans.

We also offer Afterpay.

What areas does Furry Friend Farewells service?
Furry Friend Farewells service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and The Hunter Valley. If you are unsure if we service your area please call before making a booking.

If you have any further questions please contact us.