Glass Orb


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A beautifully handmade Cremation glass orb made with cremation ash from your loved ones swirled within.




A beautifully handmade cremation glass orb made with ash from your loved ones swirled within.

This orb weighs 250 grams and is about the size of a tennis ball.

Suitable for remembering the memories of pets, this orb is handmade by a local glassblower. Shaped using time-honored glassmaking techniques, colourful elements are added and swirled in with the ashes.

All orbs are handmade and all will have a different result. Just select your preferred base colour and let the glassblower design your own piece of art to treasure your loved one forever.

The orbs are made with borosilicate (Pyrex) glass which is a lot tougher than normal soft glass. This means that if they are dropped onto a tiled floor, the tile itself is more likely to break than the orb.

The orb uses a teaspoon of your pets ashes that Furry Friend Farewells will send to the manufacturer. Any left over ashes will be returned to you.

Standard production time on this product is normally up to 4 weeks.